About Kurzon Kohen LLP

Kurzon Kohen LLP is a New York law firm founded in 2010. We are honored to represent clients from New York and around the world, including other attorneys.  We represent businesses, business owners, property owners, tenants, lenders, borrowers, buyers, sellers, artists, investors, consultants and creative individuals. Our main practice areas are corporate/private equity, commercial litigation, real estateemployment law, intellectual property, election law and civil rights. We also represent start-up companies and can represent you in class action litigation. For many of our long-standing business clients, we serve as a "one-stop legal shop." If you need assistance finding an attorney with another practice area, we are happy to assist with our attorney referral service in NYC.  

Kurzon’s practice focuses on advising for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs, investors, officers and directors. Since graduation until 2009, Kurzon was an associate at the law firm Sidley Austin LLP in New York in the private equity/mergers & acquisitions practice group where he participated in and advised clients on multi-million and billion dollar transactions. Kurzon handles transactions, governance and strategy issues, principally advising clients with the drafting and negotiating of their agreements. Kurzon most recently has advised entrepreneurs beginning and growing businesses, landlords and retail establishments with their commercial leases in NYC and a variety of other business matters seeking avoidance or resolution of disputes. Super Lawyers rates Jeff as a top business attorney in New York naming him a "Rising Star" for closely held businesses.  Read More


Leonard M. Kohen is a general commercial litigator whose specialties include commercial contract disputes, employment law, intellectual property, malpractice and premises liability, real estate, fraud claims (prosecuting and defending), and civil rights and election law.

In more than ten years of law practice, Leonard has successfully represented small closely-held businesses and larger corporations, elected officials, homeowners, aggrieved employees, and independent contractors. As one recent example that is representative of his work, Leonard successfully re-negotiated the material terms of a contractual one-year non-compete provision, thereby enabling a client to immediately engage in new business with a direct competitor in the same field as the client’s former employer.  Read More



In addition to having relationships with attorneys throughout the United States,  we maintain relationships with attorneys throughout the world. If you are looking for an international attorney, we have international correspondents that can help you find a local attorney in Europe, South America or Asia. Read more