What to Consider When Hiring a Corporate Lawyer

Do you have a contract with a lot of fine print, or “legalese?” Or do you need a contract for a transaction your business is entering and are not sure where to find it? How well does your lawyer know your business? How well does your lawyer know your industry? How interested is your lawyer in getting to know more about your business? At Kurzon LLP, the maxim “thoroughness, candor and results” is not simply for litigation matters. We want to know the business that you are in and how we can help you achieve your goals. When you grow, we benefit too. This is at the heart of our slogan "Get to Know People."

There are many things to consider beyond efficiency (how much as a product of how long). Big firm or small firm? Our view is that your attorneys should save you time and money by avoiding pitfalls and helping to get your transaction done properly. A good comprehensive list of other considerations of what to consider when hiring an attorney for your business can be found here.

We have experience with the following types of contracts:

 Purchase and Sale (Merger, Stock or Asset Purchase) Agreements

Commercial Leases

Employment Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements

Settlement and Separation Agreements (including business divorce)

Assignment and Assumption Agreements

Corporate Formalities (Formation, Resolutions, By-Laws)

Shareholder, LLC and Partnership Agreements

Music Video Production Agreements

Privacy Agreements (non-disclosure)

Joint Venture Agreements

Finance Agreements (stock, loans, debt, convertible debt instruments)

Management Agreements (including fund management)

We have worked with clients in the realm of finance (including private equity), health care, film, music, real estate, design, clubs, not-for-profit organizations, consulting, the arts, retail, computer software development and social networking. We would love to get to know more about you and your business and to see how we can help. Please let us know if you think we can help.