Updating your Corporate Records to Preserve Limited Liability and Protect Your Assets

King Longshanks is quoted in Braveheart as saying "The trouble with Scotland is that it is full of Scots." It may also be said that the trouble with the legal profession is that it is full of lawyers. And yet often by the time you really need one, the trouble caused is a lot worse than if you hired one to prevent the problem in the first place.

Lawyers are expensive, but this may be more perception than reality. While the advent of companies like Legal Zoom have made it easy for anyone to start a business and become a business owner, many of these business formation companies do not offer legal advice. And what this typically results in, is that a business owner is left with a lot of unanswered questions and is not assured that their company will actually provide them limited liability.

Our firm will ask you questions and examine your corporate documents to make sure that they are in order. Our goal for our clients is to make sure that everything is up to speed, to answer your questions, and then to have you refer us to your business owner colleagues.

You want to run your business with the peace of mind that you have limited liability. You want to be sure you have taken all the required steps. Often times entrepreneurs are in such a rush to get their business doors open, that they forget that their corporation needs an annual meeting of shareholders (we can provide the paperwork) or that they have a limited amount of time to sign their LLC's operating agreement. By not respecting the corporate form, you jeopardize your legal entity status and put your personal assets at risk.

We are happy to help draft your LLC operating agreement for single or multi-members. And we are happy to draft your corporate minutes and annual meetings.

Contact us today to set up an appointment to have your legal entity analyzed and your questions answered to make sure that you are managing your business the right way.

We initially announced this in a post calling it Corporate Legal Diagnostics (TM) in an effort to help small businesses and entrepreneurs in New York ensure that they are in legal compliance with state and local laws with their business.